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  • Anna Vereker

Make an Entrance

Your home is your sanctuary so it’s important to create a place that you’re proud of; one where you look forward to walking through the front door every day. Whether it’s a modern, urban doorway or a Victorian front porch, your front door and the area leading up to it should extend a warm welcome to all.

Doorway with artificial box balls

In a few simple steps you can create an inviting doorway that will leave a lasting first impression.

1. Get Rid of Overgrowth

Tidy the path leading to the front door so it’s easy to walk along without any trip hazards or unsightly weeds. This will help create a clear, inviting view to the front door. If there’s unwanted plants in the way, now is the time to cut them back and clear the way.

2. Light the Pathway

Subtle lighting can make all the difference when it comes to accessing your home. Not only will it help to highlight the attractive elements of your doorway, it's also a comforting and practical necessity when gaining entry at night. There are plentiful options, from solar powered lamps that can be stuck in the ground, to a pair of wall lanterns fixed either side of the door. Pay attention to the strength of the light: ensure a balance between subtle lighting and starkly blinding illumination.

3. Paint Your Door

Repainting a door in your favourite colour is a simple way to express yourself and give your home's entrance a complete face lift. Whether you want to create a formal entryway with a gloss black door or go for a county feel with a duck egg blue, anything goes.

4. Add the finishing touches

Add shrubs and trees, paying attention as much to the quality and character of the planters as the plants themselves. Box balls are a classic plant to decorate either side of the front door; or for a traditional look choose a pair of bay trees or olive trees under-planted with lavender. In cold climates, make sure pots are frost-proof - fibreglass planters are perfect in any weather all year round. Our range of potted faux plants in fibreglass planters offer the perfect solution!

We'd love to hear from you with your tips for making a grand entrance!

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