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  • Anna Vereker

The Secret to Low Maintenance Gardening

How many of us have great intentions of buying pretty plants and flowers and picture a flourishing garden as a perfect backdrop for summer evening drinks and barbecues? In reality the plants might suffer from a lack of water (or in an English summer, perhaps too much rain) and everything looks tired and uncared for within a few weeks.

artificial bay tree and fake lavender in dolly planter
Hard to believe the plants in this picture are fake!

The thought of going away causes panic and extra planning as you have ask your neighbours if they can come in and water the plants while you're away. Before you know it, tending to a garden becomes as much of a commitment as owning a pet, needing food, water, love and attention.

Here at The Artificial Plant Co we have the perfect solution. We supply beautiful and very realistic artificial plants, trees and flowers pre-planted into a stunning range of lightweight window boxes, troughs and planters.

Now you can go away on holiday and have confidence that on your return you will be greeted by the planters flanking your front door, adorning your patio or lining your window sills - looking as bright and beautiful as the day you left.

So if you don't have the time to maintain a garden, or you lack green fingers to make things grow and especially if you're away a lot, our range of potted artificial plants may be just what you're looking for. We can't assure you'll get good weather but we can guarantee your artificial plants will look amazing regardless.

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