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  • Anna Vereker

What Are The Top 5 Reasons to Buy Artificial Plants and Flowers?

There's a growing market for fake plants and trees. Based on our many conversations with customers over the years, here are the top five reasons why people take the artificial route.

Fake Palm in Planter

1. Avoid affecting allergy sufferers

Recent estimates suggest that up to 30% of people in the UK suffer from hay-fever and similar allergies - so it's not always the best idea to place plants and flowers in your home or place of work. Artificial flowers and plants offer a practical and beautiful alternative to the real thing - providing aesthetic appeal without the prospect of driving people out the door.

2. Low maintenance overheads

Keeping plants and flowers looking healthy requires a little dedication - which is not always possible, nor desirable. Many of our customers choose us because they want to create a natural ambience without the hassle of pruning, watering, replanting and so on. And many of our customers, especially in commercial building like hotels, want to feature plants in high-up or hard-to-reach areas, so having easily maintained

3. Year-round impact

The great thing about fake plants and flowers is that they last all year round, so you don't have to worry about anything going into decline over winter. In fact, artificial plans look fabulous all year round - and for many years to come.

4. Even better than the real thing?

Unless you're a keen and competent gardener, the chances are that your floral display or plant arrangement is going to look a little shabby at various times - and possibly all year round according to many of our customers! Sometimes it's pretty hard to revive a half-dead plant - it could be a while before you restore it from its sorry state. Your best bet for natural looking perfection might be to take the artificial route: plants and flowers that are crafted to look like the real thing - and which ultimately look better over the longer term.

5. Lower long-term cost

Over several years, the cost of maintaining or replacing various plants and flowers could be significant. A cost-effective solution is often to take the artificial option, which requires little or no ongoing costs following your initial purchase.

The main reservation we hear when customers consider buying artificial plants and flowers is: will they look real enough? No-one wants anything obviously fake or tacky in their home, garden or place of work. That's why all our artificial plants and flowers are manufactured to mimic the maximum level of natural detail. In general, the standard of plastic plants has gone through the roof - and our stunning range is no exception. 

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